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At 2Creative we design and build web sites from small to large businesses. Our mission is to help our visitors and clients with a complete set of tools to build, design, publish, market and host their web sites. Below we have put together a list of our most popular web tools so you don't have to search. We have a complete list of services from SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), web site templates and plugins (web site themes), hosting, chat tools, email marketing, social media tools to Online Store Builder. Whatever your online business needs, you are in the right place.

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Below you will find easy to follow steps to create a successful online business, blog page, online shop or whatever your website requirements may be.


Landing Page Builder

Are you a small business? A start up? Self employed with a product to sell? Do you have something to promote and some ideas for promoting it? We suggest you try the most popular Landing Page Builder.

The primary purpose of Landing Page Builder is to help you build landing pages with an easy to use user interface and select from hundreds of ready made designs. Landing Pages are designed to get you visitors you need. You can try Landing Pages for 14 days on a trial basis. As a tool anyone can create a landing page within minutes and add the most popular content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal to the platform they provide.

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Email Marketing

Once you have your web site setup and build your subscribers, this is where you build a relationship with your audience. Email marketing is crucial to sell your products and reach your business goals, keep in touch with your existing clients and keep them up to date with your latest products, events or information.

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WordPress Themes and Plugins

Do you have an existing WordPress website and you would like to refresh it’s look and feel with a new theme? Are you thinking of setting up a new WordPress web site? Or a company that has many websites and a team? In any case you will need a professional looking easy to use WordPress theme. Elegant comes with single subscription (yearly or lifetime) which allows you to have unlimited use of their award winning themes and plugins. The advantage of having this kind of subscription you get constant updates so your web site stays secure and bug free.

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Social Media Tools

After building your online business next step is to reach your customers. One of the best ways for this is to use the social media. Social Pilot allows you to do just that. You can reply to all your social media comments, messages and posts from one platform.

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SEO & SEM Tools

To get more traffic to any online business Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing is crucial. Which involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility. This is done through optimisation (SEO) and advertising (SEM). There are many ways and tools available to achieve this so it can get confusing and overwhelming very quickly. To get you started easily we recommend All in one marketing toolkit where you will find many SEO and SEM tools all in one place. All in one marketing tool kit has over 4 million users.

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Website Auditing, Content Writing and More.

Do you have a website which has a low SEO ranking? Are you lost with all the technical SEO jargon and different techniques to achieve a high keyword ranking SEO healthy web site? We know just the right company who is dedicated to do just that amongst other useful services like writing excellent content and marketing your website. They produce in-depth, comprehensive SEO & Website audits for your company website to identify what is lacking and what actions you need to take for a high ranking SEO friendly web site.

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Web Site Hosting

If you are a small to medium online business at a budget we have some fully managed web hosting solutions recommendations. Fast Linux VPS powered hosting plans are available. If your business grows you can upgrade to dedicated servers too.

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Live Chat Software

Integrating live chat to your web site can turn many potential customers into cash or help you avoid misunderstandings. It’s like answering customer questions while they are browsing your shop. Trusted by many well known companies like Ikea, Adobe, Paypal, Orange and more. LiveChat offers a free trial so why not try and start chatting with your visitors who need your help.

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Creative Web Site Templates

If you are thinking of building a new website from scratch or simply wish to update your current website with a more modern, unique and fresh look you will have to come up with a design. And if you are not a designer this may quickly become a very difficult and time consuming task. Even if you have the design skills creating a complete new design from scratch is very time consuming and expensive. This is where website templates come in. With hundreds of thousands of ready made affordable website templates there is a design for everyone and every web platform.

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